Hello, my fellow Weheartists!

I am back with my weekly Positive Thought of the Week. Things have been crazy but good so I'm looking to share with everyone a quote that struck me. Actually, it was something that came to my mind as I'm learning how to love myself and have positive energy in my life.

By forgiving others, you forgive yourself and this starts the healing process of a better you.

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As everyone knows, people are cruel, mean, and will hurt you sometimes even if you cared about them with your entire soul. Forgiveness is something that is extremely difficult to do but it's very noble if you forgive those who have hurt you, even if they never apologize.

If you don't forgive them for hurting you, you carry all of that emotional pain of being hurt with you and it may become harder to open to people. After being hurt so many times, I've come to the hard realization that I'm wasting my energy and reinforcing negative vibes when I continued to be angry at people who hurt me. It was a lot easier to let it go and forgive them and MOVE ON to better days, people, and good vibes. It released a heavy weight within me that I didn't realize I had been carrying and I felt free. Be the better person and forgive those who have wronged you, you will eventually heal and I'm a firm believer that karma comes back to bite.

And it will bite hard, trust me.


It may be hard but when you forgive others, you can forgive yourself for being so hurt and angry and maybe not being the best version of yourself at times. I'll admit that I was bitter and angry towards people who love me when I was hurting and that only made me feel worse about myself. When I forgave others and myself, I felt so much better to know that I was hurt and it happens to all of us and to not beat myself up about it. I realized that it was okay to be angry but I needed to let it go as it was consuming me and realize good people are coming my way, they just might be stuck on a long train ride.

Thank you for reading, my lovelies! Hope you enjoyed my positive thought of the week and I'll post another next week. Thanks to #TheSmileProject for the support to write more articles and bring positivity to the WeHeartIt community. Message me for article suggestions and have a great day! :)