soo this is challege and you have to describe yourself using pictures!!


my style is very simple and comfortable. I love skirts and dresses, although I always go out with jeans and a shirt. and also love the style of the 90s

fashion, style, and outfit image girl, outfit, and grunge image fashion, style, and outfit image fashion, travel, and summer image


Image removed pink, flowers, and pastel image Image removed beach, summer, and castle image
i love blue and yellow and baby pink and peachy and yeah


music, pink, and vintage image tea, book, and rain image kpop, kpop journal, and kpop bullet journal image netflix, pizza, and bed image
listen to (new) music, read, write, make something new in my bujo and watch tv shows


fashion, girl, and outfit image chocolate, food, and yummy image delicious, sauce, and vegetables image food, pancakes, and strawberry image
I love ice cream and chocolate like a LOT, and also I really enjoy eating vegetables


selena gomez and selena image travel, city, and airplane image boss and quotes image concerts, gig, and manchester image
I don't really know what to do with my life... well, i wanna meet the love of my life aka selena gomez, travel a lot, be happy and see my favorites artist in their concerts


friends, chandler, and quotes image bed, quotes, and sad image quotes, aesthetic, and red image help, quotes, and sad image
I don't even know my name


animals, bunny, and cute image cat, cute, and animal image Image removed cat, cute, and animal image


pretty little liars, emily, and series image Image removed characters, series, and poster image family and the fosters image
pretty little liars, my mad fat diary, stranger things and the fosters aka my entire world


selena gomez, revival tour, and revival image perrie edwards, jade thirlwall, and jesy nelson image billie, glasses, and white image beautiful, rey, and billboard image
selena, little mix, billie eilish, lana del rey (and more)

thanks for reading!! <3