an alphabet of songs that i love more than i love most people

a - all too well, taylor swift

aesthetic, alternative, and grunge image Taylor Swift, swifty, and all too well image

b- breakeven, the script

the script and danny o'donoghue image quotes, aesthetic, and grunge image

c- carry on, fun

Image by ♡ Theresa ♡ band, fun, and music image

d- drops of jupiter, train

2001, june, and lyric image star image

e- electric love, borns

electric love, born, and quotes image gif, kiss, and purple image

f- fetish, selena gomez

coach, justin bieber, and fetish image fetish, rose, and love image

g- georgia, vance joy

car, quote, and love image music and vance joy image

h- house of gold, twenty one pilots

twenty one pilots, house of gold, and quotes image twenty one pilots image

i- i have questions, camila cabello

aesthetics, Lyrics, and songs image camila cabello, girl, and camilacabello image

j- jealous, labrinth

alone, happy, and jealous image quotes, jealous, and rain image

k- kiss me, ed sheeran

kiss, love, and couple image ed sheeran, ed, and sheeran image

l- let it go, james bay

james bay, let it go, and music image edit, let it go, and Lyrics image

m- moonlight, grace vanderwaal

Lyrics, moon, and moonlight image grace vanderwaal image

n- nervous, gavin james

concert, concert photography, and gavin james image aesthetic, black, and blush image

o- overboard, justin bieber and miley cyrus

jiley, overboard, and justin image Lyrics, justin bieber, and overboard image

p- patience, the lumineers

music, the lumineers, and lumineers image piano, music, and flowers image

q- queen, somebody to love

couple, freddy mercury, and Queen image adorable, b&w, and black&white image
(i didn’t have a song)

r- rainbow connection, sleeping at last

quotes, grunge, and sky image Image removed

s- sleep on the floor, the lumineers

angela, ophelia, and the lumineers image Lyrics, music, and sleep on the floor image

t- tenerife sea, ed sheeran

sea, tenerife, and water image ed sheeran and tenerife sea image

u- up in this, blackbear and tinashe

chains, g2g, and doremi image Mature image

v- valerie, amy whinehouse

Amy Winehouse, Lyrics, and quotes image Amy Winehouse, amy, and hair image

w- weak when ur around, blackbear

blackbear, weak when ur around, and couple lyrics image blackbear and red image

x- xo, beyoncé

beyoncé, xo, and queen bey image b, beyonce knowles, and xo image

y- young, dumb & broke, khalid

grunge, music, and style image Image removed

z- zedd and hayley williams, stay the night

aesthetic, hayley williams, and music image gif, hayley williams, and stay the night image
(didn’t have a song again)