The little things can mean so much. ~ Andjeli. R

I realized that every day could be my last day. I dropped many tears, destroyed myself and only a small part of my heart was still working. The pain on my chest will never gonna away.

I decided to leave everything and everyone to make my last moments. I went to places where I can get lost. On my road I met the person I thought it isn`t exist. The person who understood my story and pain.

We experienced in few days more than we had experienced in our entire lives. I had feelings I never felt before; safety, self-reliance and familiarity. After this all, the pain on my chest get slowly disappeared.

After all the memories and goals we made together, you told me that this is yours last events too. I was hoping you were lying, but no. Your heart gave it up before the mine. The pain on my chest was never so painfull. I couldn`t handle everything anymore.

Now all pain is gone. I am so grateful that I has could experience my last moments with such a wonderful person that gave it me what every girl wants. I never expected the little things can mean so much.

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- Andjeli

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