I hadn't seen you in a while.
I knew that if I went to that party we would make out.
That's the thing about you.
I'm never sure what we are.
Are we together? Are we apart?
Do we only kiss and make out?
If you could only tell me, straight ahead, what do you want with me.

But no.
You treat me like a princess, fill my head with compliments.
You tell me to move to another country with you.
You asked me if I was jealous of that girl you talked to over there.
And I said yes.
And you told me not to worry about her.
That you were talking about things from the past that you had to come clean about.

We kissed two times in the whole night.
Two small sweet kisses.
They were the world to me.

But then, even though you were drugged, you kept putting things in your system.
I don't understand why.
It's not fun.
It doesn't taste good.

If I was sitting on the sofa, you were standing.
If I stood next to you, you went and lied on the sofa.
What was happening?

I went away for two hours to talk with my best friend.
He is also your best friend.
And when I came back I saw you on the sofa with another girl.
Sleeping on her shoulder, your hands on her leg.
Sometimes she turned her head to you.
Were you talking?
I couldn't see very good in the dark.

I stood in front of you.
But you didn't care.
You stayed there.
With her.
Not me.
But then again, we are not together.
But then again, we are not apart.
I don't understand.