hello loves, i hope this article helps you new hearters out there or just helps you with inspiration and such. i'm thinking of making this a series- each post about a different topic, so please message me things you would like to see! this series is for the new hearters so new hearters come forwards and dm me, i don't bite <3
hope this helps!


the overall purpose of weheartit

people use weheartit for many things, but for me (and i assume many other hearters) its a community. a place where you can share images of inspiration, pieces of yourself and your life maybe you don't talk about that much, write about things you thought no one would understand and find out that people do and you're not alone :')

your weheartit purpose / finding your aesthetic

each individual hearter has there own purpose of this app. some people use it to post aesthetic things, others only post articles, others post collages and bullet journals. weheartit is a great space to find your personal aesthetic as well as get inspired by others.

try not to get sucked into a general definition of aesthetic. your aesthetic can be different than others- it doesn't have to be white and minimalistic or "tumblr", it can be wild colors with inspirational quotes if you want.

finding your aesthetic (more detail)

a good way to find your personal aesthetic is to search up key words of things you already think are aesthetically pleasing.
for me thats white, minimalism, with small splashes of color- so i would like up key words like "minimalism" or "white".

when you search up there key words take some time and scroll through the images- maybe go through a collection and see if you find any pictures you like.
here are some great minimalistic collections i follow:

you can also follow my collections which feature all simple and minimalistic images <3 (below are my favorite)

make sure that all the images you add to your collections relate to your canvases aesthetic so it doesn't turning out looking messy

aesthetic inspo

below are some links to some collections of all types of aesthetics, before you search your life away remember:

  • don't totally copy someone else aesthetic- try to make it your own in some way!
  • don't beat yourself up to much if you can't find anything you like/want for an aesthetic; its okay!
  • and always remember be yourself!
this collection has minimalistic images in tons of colors, i highly recommend <3