While you think of sex, I think of your smile.
While you go on dates, I stay at home waiting for a text.
I don’t understand... Was I too intense?

I don’t understand why you treat me like a princess, but never talk to me after that. You have my number right? You have my Instagram, my Facebook. “If he doesn’t talk to you, he doesn’t care.” But every time I see him, it looks like he cares. Don’t ever do that to a girl; don’t treat her like she is the world if you don’t plan to stay.

Someone tells me you are going out with a girl today, and I break out in tears. Am I too ugly? Am I not good enough? Was I too intense? Was I too real for you? Why don’t boys like that nowadays? Now everyone has that stupid thought that you can’t say I love You because it’s too real. Fuck you.

Why do you do this to me? What is so special about you? Why can’t I eliminate my feelings for you?

You take drugs but I don’t need any. You are my own.

I want to stay at home every night, because I don’t want to go anywhere if it’s not with you.