Here’s some underrated artist and bands you need to hear out ☺

1. Wild Child

♫ Crazy bird
♫ Back & Forth
♫ Meadowns
♫ Expectations

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2. Declan McKenna

♫ Why do you feel so down
♫ Humongous
♫ Brazil
♫ I’m everyone else

declan mckenna, boy, and singer image humongous and declan mckenna image

3. Milky Chance

♫ Stolen dance
♫ Clouds
♫ Bad Things
♫ Flashed Junk Mind

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♫ Think about you (Spotify Recorded)
♫ I Believe In Us
♫ Surround Me
♫ Tired of Talking

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5. Tom Rosenthal

♫ This Road Is Long
♫ She don’t care
♫ Soon Soon
♫ Middle Of My Mind

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6. Bad Suns

♫ Transpose
♫ Take My Love and Run
♫ Off she goes
♫ Daft pretty boys

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