Hello my dear hearters.
I have seen a lot of similar articles on we heart it so I decided to do one myself. I do not always wear makeup for school ( yes I love doing my makeup but I can go to school even without wearing mascara) I like to sleep so I don't have too much time for my makeup in the morning
This is my quick makeup routine for school

I wash my face and teeth and I put makeup primer .Than I put small amount of foundation.Sometimes I cover my pimples and dark circles with concealer and sometimes not it depends on how much time I have. When i have more sensitive skin or few pimples I try go makeup free bcz I want my skin to have rest.

girl, makeup, and beauty image girl, blonde, and eyes image

I apply coat or two of mascara and sometimes put some nude eyeshadow on my eyes.
I fill my eyebrows with pencil and add some clear gel.

beauty, makeup, and mascara image

For my lips I use lip balm or some nude lipstick.

Image removed gold, lipstick, and grunge image Image by Mariaactt🌹 beauty, makeup, and eyes image

This does not take me more than 10 min. I try keep my school makeup simple as I can bcz school sometimes starts at 7:10 A.M. I hope you like it . Heart it and don't forget to leave reaction :)
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