Hey, what's up guys?
My name is Adrielly, I saw an article by Lisa Smith and I was inspired to do the same, so if you want to see her's article check out:

A - Aquamarine

beach, blue, and tropical image summer, ocean, and beach image wallpaper, wall, and background image sky, no limits, and limit image

D - Dark Violet

purple, neon, and light image wallpaper, background, and beautiful image galaxy, purple, and stars image purple, candle, and aesthetic image

R - Red

red, aesthetic, and bed image love, rose, and red image rojo, theme, and red glow image red, cherry, and fruit image

I - Ivory

boho, white, and nature image dress, wedding, and white image beauty, bridal, and bridal gown image bridal, brides, and summer wedding image

E - Esmerald Green

uvarovite image green, dress, and hands image green, velvet, and dress image dark, green, and slytherin image

L - Lime

summer, fashion, and dress image lemon, yellow, and aesthetic image kyrgyzstan, lemon, and photography image yellow, lemon, and soul image

L - Lavender

cars, lilac, and pastel image purple, lilac, and theme image purple, lavender, and lilac image purple, aesthetic, and theme image

Y - Yellow

flowers and yellow image yellow, house, and home image adidas, fashion, and yellow image architecture and yellow image