We all know the struggle of picking out our outfits in the morning.
Usually, our wardrobes are too full of clothes and we just can't pick anything we want to wear, so we feel like we have ''nothing to wear''.

Today, I'm gonna share with you my personal list of essential clothing pieces that work with every outfit.

If a great outfit gets you one step closer to feeling good about yourself, then it's worth every penny.
-Rachel Roy
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Perfect pair of jeans

Whether you like boyfriend, supper skinny or flared jeans, make sure they fit you perfectly. They don't have to be expensive to look like million bucks.
I like my jeans to be stretchy, slightly high-waisted and to have a raw hem on the bottom. It makes them versatile since you can wear them with cropped and longer tops and all kinds of shoes.
Jeans really do make an outfit complete so make sure you pick the right ones.

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Plain colored tops

I think this speaks for itself.
Just a plain white T-shirt will make any outfit look efortless but stylish.
You can choose a v-neck, a pocket tee or a polo. The choices are countless.
And also, they don't have to be in white- I like grey, navy or light pink tops for simple outfits, too.

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A warm knit

If you live in a place with cold winters as I do, you know the struggle of picking out warm but also cute outfits.
Knitted sweaters or cardigans are perfect for those situations.
You just jump into one and boom - you look put together!

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  • A (faux) leather jacket

Gives an edgy vibe and comes in lots of colors.

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  • A (faux) fur coat

Perfect for those well-known cold days. You can choose between a classic colored one or a fun and bright one.

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A plain dress

So easy. All year around. In winter just add some thights and you're done!

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Never let a trend get in the way of creating a great outfit for yourself.
-Stacy London

That's it! If you want to read about my opinion when it comes to shoes and bags just let me know. Have a great day!

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