her name is raven, raven ty'era brown (can't forget the apostrophe). she is one of the most amazing people i have ever met. i love her so much. she is so important to me. raven makes me happier than anybody else i know. whenever she tells me she loves me my heart starts to race. she makes me so happy that i want to cry. literally, i almost cry all the time. she is the nicest, most caring and trustworthy person. she's my world. raven means everything to me. if it were a life or death situation, she would die for me. she puts me before everything. it's crazy because she hasn't even touched me. she is so beautiful, and adorable in everyway. her laugh, oh my god, her laugh, her laugh is everything. she is so creative and smart, and even though her drawings look creepy sometimes, they're so amazing. she told me that she wanted to be a photographer when she grew up. i hope she becomes one because the pictures she takes are amazing. she puts so much time and effort into everything to make it the best. it's cute. she tells me how beautiful she thinks i am, and how much she loves me. it makes me feel like i'm actually worth it. i can't express how much i love her. she makes me feel so special and so important. i can tell her anything. i hope that by the year 2020, i finally get to see her in person. that's basically one of my goals. raven, i just want you to know that you're perfect, you can do anything, and that you're my everything. i love you.