I sincerely feel great today. It is probably because of the sun and because of the fact that I’m sitting at the cutest café, with an iced tea and slow music playing. I came here about 3 hours ago and there was literally no one. The waitresses were eating, and I ordered a coffee. Americano, as always. Now it is full of people (17:05). I can see them moving their mouths but the only thing I’m listening to is “Ordinary World” from my earphones.

I can see a couple that have been laughing for the past 30 minutes. A pair of friends having a piece of cake and talking. A French old couple reading something. People come and go. For the past 3 hours I have probably seen more that 20 people come in and out of this little café. All of them so unique and thinking that they are important and incredible, probably. Don’t get me wrong, we all are. But the way we are able to see ourselves and make ourselves the center of our world, even the center of other people´s minds. The human brain and behavior is incredible.

coffee image

As I was saying I am happy, this makes me happy. When people let go of their problems and preoccupations, I think this is what happens. They smile, say thank you and give you even caring stares when they ask you for a chair. That is something I love from this kind of places. And the amazing smells. Just made cake and coffee are the best thing I have ever smelt.

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