01 - a show that should have never been canceled

adam, snow, and jason image

02 - a show you wish more people would watch

arnold, love actually, and perfect image
Please like me

03 - your favorite new show

james, quotes, and netflix image
The end of the fuc***ing world

04 - favorite book adaption

shadowhunters, dominic sherwood, and simon lewis image

05 - your favorite show ever

couple, gif, and kiss image
Greys Anatomy

06 - favorite teen show

skin, grunge, and michelle image

07 - a show everyone should watch

quotes, bastard, and grunge image
The handmaids tale

08 - best comedy show ever

Barney Stinson, himym, and how i met your mother image
how i met your mother

09 - a show you thought you would not like but ended up loving

dean winchester, sam winchester, and supernatural image

10 - a show that disappointed you

boy, cole sprouse, and Hot image
Riverdale, I literally just watch it because of Cole

11 - a show you watched more than 5 times

brittana and glee image

12 - favorite childhood show

avatar, sweets, and gif image
Avatar the last airbender

13 - favorite male character

adorable, genius, and I Love You image
Michael Scofield - Prison Break

14 - favorite female character

glee, sad, and people image
Rachel Berry - Glee

15 - your guilty pleasure show

beautiful, sexy, and style image

16 - favorite mini series

13 reasons why, quotes, and hannah baker image
13 reasons why

17 - favorite title sequence

teen wolf, derek hale, and tyler hoechlin image
Teen Wolf

18 - best tv show cast

funny, hug, and misha image

19 - favorite kiss

kiss, damon, and the vampire diaries image
Delena - TVD

20 - favorite ship

black and white, Matt LeBlanc, and chandler bing image
Mondler - Friends

21 - favorite series finale

gilmore girls, couple, and happy image
Gilmore Girls

22 - most annoying character

Taylor Momsen, gossip girl, and people image
Jenny Humphrey - Gossip Girl

23 - best quote

couple, himym, and lily and marshall image

24 - a show you plan on watching

schneider, one day at a time, and lydia riera image
One day at a time

25 - OMG WTF season finale

dark, series, and german image

26 - best pilot episode

this is us image
This is us

27 - first tv show obsession

bitch, pretty little liars, and pll image
Pretty little liars

28 - current tv show obsession

quotes, brain, and mouth image
Buffy the vampire slayer

29 - saddest character death

grey's anatomy, sad, and quote image
Mark and Lexie...

30 - tv shows i watched but did not mention

Superthumb Superthumb dance big bang theory Superthumb baby