pineapple girl

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a pineapple girl is a ball of sunshine. she's super outgoing and smiles a lot. she's a cheerleader and student body vice president. she's a shoe in for a full ride scholarship and she hates alcohol. she's binge watched The Office twice and still obsesses over it.


melon gitl

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a melon girl is the star tennis player and model. she has many dreams and is very driven. she loves 80's movies and her favorite season is summer because of the beach. she loves tacos and her confidence radiates from her.


banana girl

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a banana girl loves raggae and playing guitar. she lives in new york but wants to permanently move to a tropical place because she loves the vibes. she doesn't like money hungry people and has a small group of very close friends.


coconut girl

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a coconut girl loves nature and goes on walks multiple times a week. she hates coffee and wants to adopt children. she's very down to earth and caring. she prefers pasta over pizza and loves san francisco.


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