heres the second part of my "child" series. i hope you enjoy! (i included a lemonade one, i know its not soda haha)

crush girl

girl image
a crush girl knows what she wants and will do anything to get it. you don't want to get in her way when she has her eye on the prize because that becomes the thing she dedicates her entire being to. she loves chick flicks and is very confident.


cherry cola girl

coca cola, icon, and pink image
a cherry cola girl is very much in her feelings. she has trouble expressing herself through talking, so she draws. she hates the smell of peppermint and her favorite holiday is halloween. she enjoys black and white silent films and green sour patch kids.


fanta girl

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a fanta girl may seem like she has her life together, but she's falling apart at the seams. she pretends to be someone she's not so people will like her and doesn't know how to handle serious situations. she loves listening to podcasts, the smell of freshly cut grass and used to play the violin.


sprite boy

boy, reece king, and guy image
a sprite boy is the boy every girl has a secret crush on, but would never tell him because as soon as he discovers someone has feelings for him, he gets distant. he enjoys chilling out and reading books. he doesn't mind drinking coffee after its gone cold, and he writes poetry although he would never let anyone else read it.


coca cola girl

girl and makeup image
a coca cola girl is an ambivert. sometimes she's the one you would call to throw a party, and sometimes the last thing she wants to do is talk to anyone. she's very smart and is very good at reading body language. her favorite skittle is grape and she sleeps with her socks on.


pink lemonade girl

beauty image
a pink lemonade girl loves music and dark chocolate. she may have trouble keeping friends because they disappoint her, but she knows at the end of the day that she doesn't need to depend on anyone else for happiness. she loves to laugh and craves change.


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