Hey guys! Today I will tell you some Harry Potter stuff. At least I am a real Potterhead! From the first part at the movie I wish that I am part of Harry Potter’s life 😩

Now, let’s start! 🤗

My Hogwarts House

Superthumb harry potter harry potter harry potter
Hufflepuff Loyal. Patient. Fair. Hard-working. True.

My patronus

Superthumb Superthumb book animal
My patronus is a TonkineseCat .

My Wand

harry potter black and white baby harry potter
Hazel wood, Unicorn hair core 11“ in length, Hard flexibility

My favorite female character

harry potter ginny Superthumb Superthumb
Ginevra Molly „Ginny“ Weasley

My favorite male character´s

aesthetic Fred Fred harry potter
They are funny. They are crazy. Don‘t ask me which twin I like more.

Characters who I hate the most

cat Superthumb Superthumb harry potter
Dolores Umbridge and Peter Pettigrew

My favorite magic spell

harry potter harry potter evanna lynch Superthumb
Expecto Patronum From „The Order of the Phoenix“

Scenes which made me cry

harry potter always death draco malfoy
Sirius death, Snape finds Lily when she was death, Fred Weasleys death and the ending... because... yeah it‘s the ending... And I was so happy for Ginny and Harry! I mean they have two beautiful children and the name of their son Albus Severus Potter 😭😭😭

So, my Potter friends; that’s it! I hope you like my Article and don‘t forget to give me a ❤️ and to follow me:

Adelaide Bray
Adelaide Bray