Hello! I've decided that I'm going to start some kpop articles and I'm going to begin with introducing you to my top 6 biases (tho you know them cause I'm a basic bitch.) (p.s.: I'm sorry for my bad english)

1. Jungkook

bts, jungkook, and kpop image gray, jk, and bts image aesthetic, rm, and bts image kpop, white and black, and kook image

2. Jae

Jae, day6, and jaehyung image dark, lightning, and storm image love, quotes, and aesthetic image Jae and day6 image

3. Jackson

chinese, got7, and jackson wang image aesthetic, art, and white image Image removed got7, jackson, and jackson wang image

4. Seungkwan

blue, green, and Seventeen image aesthetic, aesthetics, and bed image Seventeen and dokyeom image Seventeen, seungkwan, and boo seungkwan image

5. Jihoon

wanna one, jihoon, and park jihoon image car, architecture, and photography image aesthetic, cute, and bambi image jihoon, wanna one, and kpop image

6. D.O.

exo, d.o, and kyungsoo image green, plants, and leaves image Image removed exo, kyungsoo, and do image

Here you can read my girl group biaslist:

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