Alohaa! My name is Kelly and welcome to the 'one-off' article this week! In this article i will be featuring my February favourites!

It's already March 2018. This year has gone so quick ... well to me, January lasted 10 years and February lasted 0.1 seconds. But either way, we're in March and I'm currently writing this next to my fireplace because it's snowing outside! It rarely snows where I live as I'm literally by the beach.

I will be featuring items from makeup to books. It's just what I've been loving throughout February. I got a lot of messages asking me to do this every month but the truth is, I haven't got time to test out and buy new things every month. Therefore, I'll only be doing favourites when I find enough new exciting products.

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I found this book through my English literature class. We're currently studying it and i haven't finish it yet but I'm half way through the book and it's amazing. It's about 'Black people (crosses)' and 'White people (noughts)'. It's a revered stereotype of discrimination meaning the crosses are superior to the noughts unlike the world we live in where it's the opposite. It's mainly about two characters who are best friends and they are different races (ones a nought and ones a cross) and as they grow up they find it harder and harder to spend time together. My friends spoiled the ending for me but theres so many different shocking plots that it never gets boring. I highly recommend reading it!


I know that this came out near the beginning of 2018 but I wanted to watch it when the hype has died down a little bit. I prefer the soundtrack to the actual film itself but it's a good film. I think it got so much hype that i had really high expectations seeing it and the movie itself wasn't my cup of tea. However the plot is still interesting and it's a great movie overall.

❥ THE END OF THE F''''ING WORLD [tv show]

This tv show got a lot of attention on social media and I watched it but at first, I didn't really like it. The characters had a monotone voice which in my opinion wasn't very intriguing however, throughout the series you will discover why their personalities are as 'plain' as they are. I'm not going to lie, my favourite episode was the final episode and the main reason why it's in my 'favourites haul' because of the suspense, I wasn't very keen on the rest of it as the plot got weirder and weirder.
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I received this as a gift for Christmas and I started using it in my last minute make up look. It gives a really nice natural shadow under your cheekbones. It's quite pigmented and I just do two swipes in the container and blend it out on my face. I've been using it a lot and I'm not even half way through it! I love this so much and it's going to be especially perfect for summer with a nice tan (even though I'm tanned all year round).

❥ STROBE CREAM - MAC [makeup]

I don't shop at mac at all and I don't own any product by their brand apart from this because they aren't a cruelty-free cosmetics company. How did I get my hands on this product then? My sister was shopping online to get a brush or whatever and she got a free sample of this product and asked if I wanted it so I accepted as it was basically a freebie. To be honest, this product is amazing! On days where I don't want to wear highlighter, I put a small amount of this cream on my cheekbones and places you would put highlighter on and blend with my fingers then a beauty blender. It gives a healthy natural glow which I am obsessed with. My free sample has 6ml in but the cream is so pigmented that a tiny 0.5mm amount will do meaning I'm not even half way through the tube yet! It's also a nice primer and illuminator.


I've been using this for months and months and it removes my makeup perfectly. It cleanses and soothes too ;you don't have to rinse your face afterwards which is perfect if you're in a rush or too lazy. I pour a little bit on a cotton pad and swipe of my makeup. I also use it when I've been out at school or shopping etc as it also picks up the micro pieces dirt / dust gathered on your face when you're outside thanks to the pollution. I prefer this to a makeup wipe as it doesn't irritate my skin as I have pretty sensitive skin.


This moisturiser is for all skin types so you don't have to worry about it suiting your skin type or not. It's really lightweight and locks in moisture for 48Hours. I love the body shop's products as they always work really well and are high quality which means some of their products are quite expensive but worth it. I've been using this a lot throughout the winter months as it's super cold outside then warm inside meaning your skin goes through a lot of temperature changes.

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I've had this jacket for just under 6 months and it's a fluffy denim jacket with fur inside. I call it the 'Jughead jacket' as Jughead jones from Riverdale always wears a fluffy denim jacket. In this winter weather I wear it 24/7 as it keeps me warm but still fashion forward. Because it's by Levi's it's quite expensive but it's really worth it amazing quality. It's basically my favourite jacket out of my closet.


I'm pretty sure it's called something else but its the same jacket I have but in the Toptop petite sections and I'm pretty tall so... This coat is great for formal and informal occasions and i love how it's a brown longline coat style. I got it on sale in the new year and it goes with literally everything!
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I've been getting into making my school notes aesthetically pleasing and bullet journaling recently. I talked to my friend on whi Miu (@richyouth) and she recommended me these highlighters. I saw a load of study youtubers and accounts mention these pens in their recommended stationary so I went ahead and bought 3 packs of 5 pens and I love them so much! Theres a highlighter end and a marker end ; they feel and are really high quality.


I've always done faux calligraphy with my black pen but recently i purchased the pitt artist brush pen in 'B'. I'm still practicing my calligraphy lettering but it's so much easier and faster using this pen instead of doing faux calligraphy. The pen nib is quite firm which is good for beginners like me!
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Those are all of my February favourites! I hope you found some new products through this article and I'll be back tomorrow with a new article ! Also send in your article request and reactions :)

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