Why do humans give up on their lovers when times get hard? The moon thought woefully. He lost her twice, this time I think she's gone forever. They had countless opportunities to communicate and make things right, she couldn't stay mad at him. I remember how she used to get upset but stay quiet, until she couldn't stay mad any longer so she forgave him and he never even knew she was hurt. I saw him cry twice, I see her cry every night. His knuckles are purple now, from hitting the walls. He knew he messed up.

It's been many nights since he lost her, I've been watching over her ever since, she thinks about him a lot, she talks to me about him. She tells me stories about how he used to save her, I questioned them, because I saw it all, every night, I saw her smiles and their silly fights, I saw how happy she was with him, and I saw how he slowly drifted as she held onto him for dear life. But when she reached out to grab his hand, he snatched it away, I know how much that broke her.

I know how much it broke her when she came to him with eyes full of hope, that eager look on her face when she was excited to tell him something, and he made her feel stupid, and the glitter in her eyes disappeard. It was heartbreaking to see her so in love, that she didn't quit when he abused her with his words. He didn't need to touch her the slighest, what his words did, was enough for her to question her own worth. She always defended him despite me reminding her of his hurtful words.

Now she sleeps with a pillow on top of her chest with her arms wrapped around it tightly. She doesn't talk to anyone, and she no longer stays awake for him, but because of him.