In this article I'm gonna write about quotes and what's the first thing that comes to my mind when I see them.

''She was a rainbow but he was colorblind''

So basically there was a boy who I liked and I would have done anything to make him happy but of course he didn't notice me,I'm not like other girls.

"This is the wrong generation for people with good hearts''

In this generation a relationship lasts for ike 3 months if you're lucky.Peoples judge.Everyone is the same.The word slowly dies and nobody notices it.Of course there are good peoples but this generation destroys them.

''Getting no message is also a message''

If he wanted to text you he would,if he wanted to be with you he would,if he ever wanted to be close to you he would.But his feelings aren't true.

''A big part of who I am is who I'm not''

I can't be myself beacuse I thought that what I say is stupid so now I don't say anything.So be yourself,love who you are and peoples will love you for who you are,of course if they aren't fake friends.

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