I created this playlist based on the genre, its vibes make me feel relaxed and inspired, I hope you'll get the same feelings.

I listen to it while I'm travelling somewhere, and I feel like I'm in a movie, watching outside the window and thinking about the world and its aspects ( now I find my self thinking a lot about love).

I recommend to listen to it in the evening or at night⋆

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You can find this playlist on Spotify under the same name as the article ↠ March playlist ⋆

⭐Afterlife - Grayson Chance

⭐Angel - Dylan Raynolds

⭐Low - Grayson Chance

⭐The Other - Lauv

⭐Please Don't Go - Joel Adams

⭐Too Good at Goodbyes - Sam Smith

⭐Naked - James Arthur

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⭐Drive Me Home - Caroline Pennel

⭐Ocean Eyes - Billie Eilish

⭐The Universe We Dreamt - Matt DiMona

⭐You - The 1975

⭐Drive - Oh Wonder

⭐Paris in the Rain - Lauv

⭐Super Far - LANY

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⭐Free - Kidswaste

⭐Slow Motion - Matt Wertz

⭐Somebody Else - The 1975

⭐Giants - Savoir Adore

⭐Here with Me - Susie Suh, Robot Koch

⭐Swim - Cape Cub

⭐I Fall Apart - Post Malone

This was my first article ever. I'll do playlists monthly and I'll create also articles about readings, movies, tv series and YouTubers that I've being enjoying lately.

Playlists could change genre a lot because I listen to various types of music.

I was also thinking about story times and maybe a few health tips articles, but before those I'll have to stick with my healthy diet for more than 3 days to be sure that they are working; I could also do a few about workouts plans or nights with friends ideas that will change with the seasons. Oh yes and poems, I've got one ready so that could be the next article, I don't know, but I'll have to change it a little bit because I have to translate it from Italian to English.
If you could tell me what you prefer I would be very happy to start working on it.

I' m doing all of this to find a way to express myself and because I' ve always looked for this kind of articles but never found them so there it is, I am doing it.