lately i've seen a lot of people doing articles about this and i thought "why not do one myself?". my name is heloísa by the way, but ill just do my nickname because im lazy right now (๑˃ᴗ˂)و♡

ʚ hot pink ɞ

Superthumb Superthumb girly Superthumb
「 #항상 ♡°and*̥ᵔ #핫 핑크 」

ʚ emerald ɞ

dress aesthetic fashion dress
「 #항상 ♡°and*̥ᵔ #에메랄드 」

ʚ lemon ɞ

kpop aesthetic aesthetic Superthumb
「 #항상 ♡°and*̥ᵔ #레몬 」

ʚ orange ɞ

Superthumb gif Superthumb the beatles
「 #항상 ♡°and*̥ᵔ #오렌지의 」

bye guys, have an amazing day sz'