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Dear readers,

Today I visited a friend. We talked about a lot of different subjects: work, private, what is going well, what wasn't going well.

Everything, everything, everything. We are all at once. Everything is in you. You take yourself to work, you take yourself to private situations, in relationships, in everything.

That is why it is important to look at everything. And to question yourself in every area if everything is going well. Decorating your (career) life the way that will make you happy. Like you really want it to be. So no superficial, but deep from the inside. To look at the steps your taking and questioning if those are the right steps for you. The steps that will lead you to your biggest vision and the things you want the most.

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Stress is a sign where the answer ''NO'' is in one of the areas we just spoke about. A sign of your body that something is not right. That you are not making use of the highest option you have available. Your body is giving signals and works against you.

Do you listen to these signals? Are you aware of it? And do you want to listen to these signals NOW? And in that way reach the treasure of information that beholds in your body?

Do you also want to live your life on your conditions? And get the tools in your hands to really do so. To know what your conditions are, to feel what is right for you. And decide in the very moment what is wrong and what is right.

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Does every muscle in your body say 'YES'?
Than continue reading.

I'll be writing a lot of articles the upcoming weeks where we will walk this path together to get to know the language of your body. To feel again. Reaching your heart, starting in your mind. To feel from the inside what you want. Deep inside. To be more accurate every time about what is right en what is not. Taking decisions and actions that are really right for you. Because how would it feel to have access to all that valuable information that beholds in your body. How would your life look than?

Make your move! Get moving for what you really want, in everything! From thinking, to feeling, to inner knowledge.

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Lots of love and see you in the next article,


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