12:51-The Strokes

band, music, and feelings image grunge, sky, and lightning image

Girls And Boys-Blur

90's, london, and band image sky, clouds, and art image

Saturnz Barz- Gorillaz

theme, blue, and red image yellow, aesthetic, and planet image

Heart In A Cage-The Strokes

boy, julian casablancas, and musician image rose, flowers, and red image

Rhinestone Eyes-Gorillaz

pink, makeup, and eyes image pink, cigarette, and aesthetic image

Sunshine Riptide-Fall Out Boy

waves, fall out boy, and ocean image purple, aesthetic, and plants image

Take It Or Leave It-The Strokes

rose, flowers, and red image love, red, and couple image

I Only Lie When I Love You-Royal Blood

Mature image rock, concert, and music image

Scary Love-The Neighbourhood

girl, red, and sexy image red, hands, and aesthetic image

Under Cover Of Darkness-The Strokes

aesthetic and tumblr image the strokes image