Dear Hearters,

I'm in love with the world, I find simple things, moments beautiful, cozy. I'm happy to be alive. In this article series I'm going to show you why.


music, vintage, and indie image music, photography, and vintage image


rain, city, and street image rain, quotes, and smell image

Coffee shops

coffee, food, and breakfast image coffee, autumn, and fall image

Candle light and fireplace

candle and light image fire, winter, and cozy image

Puffy blankets and pillows

bed, bedroom, and city image bed, photography, and white image


snow, winter, and tree image snow, winter, and tree image

Hot chocolate

chocolate, food, and drink image chocolate, marshmallow, and food image


book, coffee, and tumblr image book, coffee, and tea image


awesome, baby, and couple image baby, love, and family image

Smell and taste of bakery products

bread, food, and baguette image breakfast, food, and coffee image

Little cute flowers

cat, flowers, and white image flowers, shop, and nature image


nature, snow, and winter image girl, nature, and mountains image

Car ride

girl, sunset, and car image car, sky, and travel image

Looking through old photos

vintage, photo, and photography image old and polaroid image

See someone smile

Image by ⚘ girl, style, and summer image

Music festival

coachella, summer, and festival image party, colors, and fun image


love, couple, and dance image dance, love, and couple image

Water like mirror

mountains, nature, and lake image rain, umbrella, and grunge image

Sound of fountain

flowers, rose, and pink image flowers, water, and fountain image

Narrow streets

christmas, winter, and light image light image

Have a nice day and don't forget to enjoy the little things! :)