Hi sweeties!

Today I'm doing, my name in colors so I hope you like it.
Let's start!

A - Apricot

alternative, cool, and orange image orange, aesthetic, and style image car, girl, and vintage image orange, aesthetic, and book image

B - Baby blue

Image removed flowers, blue, and aesthetic image blue, quotes, and clothes image aesthetic, white, and art image

R - Red devil

aesthetic, baby, and black image dress and dark cherry image lipstick, red, and makeup image red, cigarette, and aesthetic image

I - Indigo

girl, aesthetic, and choker image blue image blue, dark, and glow image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

L - Lilac

fashion, style, and outfit image aesthetic, alternative, and fall in love image aesthetic, kpop, and theme image lilac, purple, and theme image

And thats all...

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Kisses, A.