hello! thanks for clicking, this is my first article. Ever since whi came up with this new feature, i´ve always wanted to try it out. but the problem was... what could i write about? well, i thought and thought, and after days of reflexions, i came up with this. i hope you enjoy, and please don´t forget to follow me.

·Go on a protest
·Watch the stars
·Get on a train/bus and go to the end of the line
·Play board/card games in a cafe
·Try to get kicked out of a store
·Pretend you are famous
·Dress fancy & go somewhere weird
·Play hide and seek in the city
·Pretend to be explorers from the 1920s
·Flip a coin at every street-go tails for left, heads for right
·Go on a picnic in a meadow
·Go to a retirement home and ask them what they did for fun at my age
·Go on a road trip
·Go to a store & act like you´re an employee
·Climb to the top of a high building (be safe)
·Go to the woods
·Go to as many museums as you can in a day
·Go down as many slides at different parks as you can
·Pretend you´re a youtuber
·Go to as many libraries as you can
·Give balloons to strangers
·Go to small markets and try something new
·Pick out outfits for each other
·Go camping
·Get a really expensive meal
·Paint your shoes
·Hang out in the cemetery
·Start a silly band
·Take pics with strangers
·Go to the movies all day
·Pretend to be a time traveller in public
·Go looking for treasure in the woods

Remember to always be safe. I´ve tried out a couple of these ideas and they were so fun. See ya!