I go to university. I have my own apartment. I have my own economy. I have friends, family and a partner. In short, I have a normal life. A normal, busy life. I need life to go as smoothly as possible to be able to handle these different aspects of my life in a satisfactory way. One thing that I have found helps me a lot in this regard is to establish an evening routine. I thought I might share my routine so that it might help someone else create a smoother and more pleasurable everyday.

Pick out next day's outfit

Now this is one I actually had some difficulty incorporating in my routine since it's a thing that is relatively quick to do in the mornings. However, this has given me so much peace of mind as well as dressing way better on a day to day basis. I feel so much more confident when I'm out and about during the day when I do this in the evenings.

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Write a To-Do list or look over the schedule

Now, I do either of these things or sometimes even both. Looking over my schedule for the next day is super helpful so I don't miss appointments or lectures or other deadlines. I'm definitely a planner person who finds comfort in a well planned out day. That being said, I don't follow my planning to a fault; there is always room for improvisation and moving things around. Writing a To-Do list can sometimes be a good tool for productivity since you get a clear list of what needs to be done and you can cross things out when they are completed. This routine helps me get a running start the next morning when I start doing my work since I know what needs to be done.

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Pack lunch and snack

As I mentioned earlier, I'm a student, which means limited funds so I always try to pack a home made lunch every day. These usually consists of leftovers from dinner. I always try to make sure that me and my partner makes enough dinner so that we both can bring a packed lunch to university. This helps us save money and we know that we aren't eating junk food. I also use to get really hungry around 10, which is roughly 3 hours after I ate breakfast and 2-3 hours left until lunch, so I like to pack a snack for this occasion. Sometimes it's something simple like a banana but sometimes I go the extra mile and make some overnight oats. If I don't pack a snack I will eat candy!

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The previous parts of my evening routine concern getting a smooth start to the next day. But the rest of my evening routine is all about relaxation and self care. Which brings me to skincare. I'm actually really lazy when it comes to skincare and removing my makeup at night but when I do I feel so much better about myself and my evening so I have made a great effort to include it in my evening routine as a pleasurable self care act. This includes removing my makeup, exfoliating my face or putting on a face mask and then moisturising. Doing this makes me really feel like I am taking care of myself.

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Relaxation time

Now this, this is my favourite part of the whole evening routine and actually one of the most important steps. Relaxing in the evening before bed ensures that I have a good nights sleep and takes the edge of some of the stress that have built up during the day and also some of the anxiety I might feel about the following day. The act of relaxing varies for me. Some nights I'll watch one or a few episodes of a TV-show I've been loving or maybe even a movie and some nights will be dedicated to reading the latest novel I've picked up. Almost all of my relaxation is accompanied by a cup of tea though. What I've realised though is that I need to be intentional about my relaxation time. It doesn't have the same effect when you're just laying on the sofa scrolling through social media. No, you have to decide that something is done for relaxation or it won't really relax you.

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What's important to remember is that everyone is different and this is simply what I have found works for me. This does not necessarily mean that these steps will be beneficial to you but I do hope that I might have given some inspiration to you.

Go forth and be happy and healthy!