Hi everyone! My name is Miranda and I've joined this beautiful place a few weeks ago. As you may see, this is my first article, in which I will talk about how sometimes we can't reach our stars, our goals.

I'll share with you one of the hardest episodes in my life. I've always considered that my problems aren't as big as other people's problems. But this is my life, and I can't compare my sadness with someone else's sadness. Maybe if you read this, we won't have the same situation, but I hope you can relate to it and feel hopeful after reading this.

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Last year I took six months off to think about what I wanted to study, cause I really didn't have any idea. I shed lots of tears thinking about this, telling myself that I didn't have any talent nor ambitions. But one day everything came clear and I realized that there was something I was passionate about, so I decided to go after it.

Turns out that in my city only one university has the major I wanted to study, and to be there, you have to pass an exam, which is a very unfair one. However, I was really confident and convinced I would make it.

But I didn't. I was one small point apart the required score to pass the exam. This broke me. I cried for days, wondering why couldn't I make it when I had such a good feeling about it.

Thanks to the encouragement the people around me gave me, I thought that if I almost made it that time, I would definitely pass in my second chance. I decided to study EVERY SINGLE DAY in order to achieve the best results. I even started French lessons in order to be prepared for my future lectures. There was no way I couldn't make it.

Again, I didn't. I knew in my heart, ever since leaving the classroom where I presented the exam, that I wouldn't make it. I had a bad feeling and it turned out being true. But I didn't cry this time. I realized that it just wasn't meant to be for me, so I decided to be brave and face the reality, search somewhere else.

And this way, I discovered a scholarship offered by a country I really love. I've never liked the idea of studying abroad, but I was so desperate and hopeless that I thought "why not?". So I started to get all the documents they asked for, spent lots of money getting things done, shedding tears because of stress and the fear of not making it.

I wish this one had a happy ending. But it doesn't. I failed again. I was so scared after knowing I wasn't selected for this opportunity I found. What can I do now? I was back to square one, with nothing to do, with no motivation nor ideas, with no hope. My future seemed so empty I had nigthmares in which I stayed in the same situation for years, with no progress and still scratching around. I even wondered if what I thought was my passion really worth it.

And the answer is hell yeah, it worth it! And I don't how, but this small but amazing university appeared in front of me and showed me that there was a different way I could pursue my passion. Now that I think about it, if I had made it to this university I wanted at first, I wouldn't feel comfortable, I wouldn't feel like myself at all. And if I had made it to this country, that is placed at the other side of the world, I would be lost and missing my family and friends, and I would want to go back home.

And the big question is, why did I wanted to do everything in the fastest way? I'm so young, and I'm still figuring myself out. Why do we want to have everything done as soon as possible? Is it because we don't know when will we die? Because we are scared that if we don't do it now, it'll be gone forever?

Be patient. No, it's not easy. I'm not patient at all, but I couldn't be more thankful to the universe for teaching me to stay calm and positive, to be patient and to be gentle. Yes, gentle with yourself. Is not your fault if sometimes you can't get what you want. It's not time for it yet. Meanwhile, be concious of what you have, of what you are and where you are.

The world changes and so we do. Nothing stays the same, not even for a day. So wait patiently for your turn. Life isn't a race, it's just a road we have to walk step by step.

That's it. I'm really happy right now at my university. I've met amazing people and learned a lot. Life gives you the most exciting roller-coaster rides! Four months ago I didn't imagine I would be here, laughing and doing what I want to do. You will feel like this soon, so don't worry.

Thanks for reading and sorry for the super long post. See you later!