Your smile,
Gracing me with your dimples

Your eyes,
Hazel, full of excitement

Your laugh,
Deep and loud

Your lips,
Soft and always painted with a smile

Your hair,
Luscious looking and swept over your eyes

Your skin,
Smooth and blemish free

Your hands,
Big and strong

Your stride,
Powerful and elegant

Your soul,
Created for a special girl

Your attitude,
Calm and collected

Your view of me,

Your heart,
Isn’t with me

Your life,
Is away from me

Loving you,
Was the most amazing and destructive feeling I’ve ever felt

It made me feel again,
But shattered me into pieces

Loving you was something I’m willing to do over and over again even if you don't know me and it had made me into a shell of the person I used to be.

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