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You’re hurt. And you finally made up your mind that enough is enough. You decide to change. Change for the good.

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But it’s hard. It’s hard to cope up with the change. You question your decision. You get demotivated. You feel like a loser. And you give up.

Finally you’re back to square one.
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And I wish. Oh god I wish to motivate you before you take up the decision to give up.

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People fail to realize that slow progress is still a progress.
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Everybody is working towards their goals but there are many obstacles and challenges that get thrown at us which ultimately leads to demotivation. Why? Because our determination isn’t strong enough.

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Now that’s where the challenge is- how you come out of it- how you face it.
And if you ask me the best feeling? It’s passing through that destructive storm.

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Change can be scary but you know what’s scarier- allowing fear to stop you from evolving and progressing.

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If you’re working your way to being healthier- don’t ever demotivate yourself. Don’t go hard on yourself. The best thing about time is that it passes. So hold onto yourself and don’t give up ever. Persistence is the key.
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If you’re working your way to a positive life- I know it is hard to get rid of toxic and negative people from your life but take baby steps. You will be fine I promise.
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All I’m saying is- do not give up.
Always surround yourself with people that cheer for you and bring the best in you.
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