Hey guys! Since my last school related article got so much love, I'm bringing you guys another one! My last one was about how I get straight A's in math, and I wrote it back in the fall. It's about 5 months later and all the tips still work for me!
Unfortunately, I still don't have any more tips for Language Arts and Social Studies, mainly because we don't have many assignments or note taking in those classes at my school. But I do, however, take a lot of notes in Science, and I'm very good at organizing them.

ps. i like using the cornell notes system. my teacher showed us it but told us we didn't have to do it, but i like it a lot better.

Step One-- I use about a sheet or two of paper to take my notes. My teacher will give my class the notes on a power point, and it's our job to write everything down. That's supposed to be it, and we're supposed to study with that, but I like to take it a couple of steps more. I write this all in a section called "Section 1: (notes)"

Step Two-- I highlight all of the most important things in my notes, such as definitions and examples. I highlight titles as well! I like to highlight titles in one color, and smaller things like the examples I just showed in another. You can even make a color key like I did!

Step Three-- I take what I highlighted and put it into another section of my notes. I call this section "Section 2: (simplified)". Basically in this section is the most important and must remember things of the notes. I put what I highlighted into complete sentences.

Step Four-- I make a summary of what the notes as a whole were about, adding in parts of my simplified version of the notes! I call this section "Section 3: (summary)". This is what I use to study!

I hope you guys really liked this! It literally took me until about a month ago to figure out a good and organized way of taking notes. If you have any questions, please message me! :)