Hey guys, so, today I've decided to do something kinda different than usual, just because I am so inspired- and obssed- by This is us. Today is the first 'chapter' that I am going to do about series, movies, books, anything that envolves entertainment. Hope you like it. You can always send me a message to let me know if you are liking my articles :)

Talks about family

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This is us is a heartwarming and emotional story about the most unique set of triplets and their struggles, and the wonderful parents who raised them.

Talks about real stuff

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Losing weight, alcoohol, insecurity, low selfesteem, anxiety are only a few issues that the show talks about.

Black culture

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Randall is a boy who was adopted by white parents and the show talks about his identity crisis and the difficulties the parents go thorugh his entire life. Society sucks.

Crying scenes

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What I meant was not they crying, is you. There's no way out of tears.

The makeup

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Let's take a moment to apreciate an older Mandy Moore.

The kids

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Each character have their young versions and they are the most realistic and beautiful part of the show. I love them all.

Let's talk about a parent

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No words to describe this amazing father.

Let's talk about a couple

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No words needed right now.

Randall, Kate, Kevin, Rebecca and Jack Pearson

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This is real. This is us.

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