you fucked with my head
and i smoke to get those thoughts out

i was really lonely last year
i was away from everything i knew

i wanted to jump
and no one was there to catch me

staring at the wall
sitting at the edge of my bed
just crying

for what reason

the loneliness was eating me alive
but i had to smile for the sake of my mom

loneliness is my biggest fear
thats why i surround myself with people constantly

i want to be a good person
i never wanted to be like this
but what can you do in situations like this?

i'm better now because i found my people
they help so much

they numbed it for a while
it's so numb to a point i can't even cry
even when i get hurt

and i know that's not normal.
so what do i do

i fell out of your arms
because you let go