As a muslim teenager, I understand how hard it is for girls like me to try and balance our faith and look nice at the same time. This article isn't necessarily for muslim girls, but for anybody that wants to learn how to cover up, and still look cute.

Here are a few staple pieces that i think EVERY hijabi should own at least one of:

Maxi Skirts
This is a great way for you to wear your favourite shirt/blouse if you don't feel comfortable wearing jeans. its long and loose, so you don't have to worry about it showing your body. These are great for summer, since it would keep you cool and protected from the sun.

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Love this plum skirt and sweater combo for winter
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love the leather jacket

Sticking to the summer theme, blouses look great paired with a maxi skirt or a nice pair of boyfriend jeans. they're modest, comfortable and come in so many different styles.

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This blouse would look great with a black maxi skirt or jeans.

Long cardigans/coats
especially during colder seasons, a trench coat is a hijabi's best friend. I think a long cardigan looks elegantly casual and of course, super comfortable.

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Boyfriend/mom jeans
An iconic wardrobe staple all year round. Probably the best thing millennials have brought back from the 90's imo.

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boyfriend jeans and hijab image

My all-time fave. I love abaya's so much, and even though they can be a bit pricey, i would seriously recommend saving up and buying one. They look incredibly classy yet still modest. Here are two of my favourite websites to purchase abaya's:

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abaya doesn't have to be black
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Mashallah how beautiful. Wear your faith with pride!

Lots of colourful hijab
Ok, maybe a neon pink or green hijab won't come in handy any time soon, but i think neutral colours like brown, tan, navy, black and grey always look amazing. Every time you put on your beautiful hijab you are representing islam and other muslim women, how amazing is that!

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