Hey to the people who don't think your special well i think you are god put you here because he saw something in you and something worth being alive.People who wants to do suicide please don't because if you have we heart it then you have talent and i do all of us do.Sometimes you have to say NO NO NO that is all.Then the world will be better and if you do read this i am not trying to gain followers trying to help other women children on here i really love everyone crafts so keep moving don't stop give us your hope give us your tears we love you and so does god keep your inner child don't lose it i need you your family needs you god needs you you need you.Respect yourself because no one ugly here you are you.You make you and your mom makes you she protect you she guides you she reads to you she knows you she cares about you she feels you.Do you understand.I decided to write this because i saw something on this app that a beautiful person shouldn't do now i am a 11 and i seen felt things and i don't want to see or feel things i don't want that to be you.You disever a perfect life should be you moving on in your bed where god needs you to might be to late sike never to late to make a change to help others to be kind to have cougre plz help yourself and other belivie in yourself and other so in conculsion just be you if no one like you oh well i been bullyed and i stood up and so should you so keep it move in and tell your trusted adult or best friend