I am dreaming a lot about how my perfect life shall look like - and somehow I want to picture it.

Be aware: Long post ahead.

Here we go.

First of all my job - Someday I want to work as self-employed photographer and concept art worker

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also, I want to travel a lot. how beneficial that this is easy to connect with my dream job.

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next: I of course thought about how I cn get this job. This means for me: studying. Not only studiyng in my hometown (it`s to small for my mind) but to study abroad.

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so much for that. Now to my everyday basic life:

I am obsessed with one thing. Coffee. Therefore, I want to be able to drink a good coffee everyday in a beautiful and comfortable coffeeshop, while doing my studies or work.

coffee image
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I want to have a comfortable and individuell apartment, like this....

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with furnishing like this...

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But what is a even and balanced life without the right people - and this may be the most difficult part about my dream. I`m only 18 and warily if it comes to other people. But I want for my self and everyone else the right people.

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let`s continue with something I noticed recently changed in my life: my sense for fashion. I never cared about what I wore, never cared about trends. this changed.

I want to be more stylish, more confident in my outer apperance.

>> dress to impress <<
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To look good I have to feel good. That`s why I want to be more activ more sporty.

Image by Kika
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I want to be more confident in myself. Even if noone of my friends would dare to say I am not confident. I know the truth. I just hid myself behind this mask, I just try to became more confident through pretending. This shall change.

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Another point I haven´t mentioned yet: relationship. I never really had a boyfriend. I think I am way too romantic and to idealistic. I picture my perfect relationship liek this:

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and this isn`t even all of what I dreamt of


hope you enjoyed this little insight in my thoughts,