23.- List your top 5 hobbies and why you love them.


art and paint image art, paint, and art gallery image
It helps me "throw away" my feelings

take photos

photography, vintage, and hipster image camera, black and white, and photography image
it's a beautiful art, it's being able to capture a moment forever


artsy, bee, and book image book and reading image
being able to leave this planet for a moment is just something that reading can give you


denmark, travel, and early morning image gorgeous, mexico, and photo image
I do not think this has to explain lol but yes, traveling is something magic, the only problem is that isn't very cheaper

watch series

curly hair, hq, and sherlock image sherlock, moriarty, and sherlock holmes image
There is nothing better for a day of laziness or for when you are sick or sad

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