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1. Smoothie High Carb (good to be consumed after exercise / workout):
Ingredients: 4 bananas , one teaspoon of cinnamon , one teaspoon of shaved ginger , one tablespoon of lemon juice , water

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2. Smoothie with bananas and flax seeds (increases immune immunity):
Ingredients: Half of a frozen and sliced banana, a strawberry mug , 2 tablespoons of flax seed , cup of soy milk

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3. Smoothie with kiwi and cucumber (helps to detoxify the body):
Ingredients: 2 kiwi , 5 (small) cucumbers , lemon juice , 2 slices of pineapple , a bit of water

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4. Green Smoothie (lowers cholesterol and combats anemia):
Ingredients: a cup of coconut water , a handful of kale , a handful of spinach , several cubes of celery , an apple , juice from a lemon , several yarns of parsley

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5. Smoothie with ripe pumpkin (very good to treat insomnia):
Ingredients: ¾ cup of pumpkin puree , 1/3 cup of vegetable milk , one teaspoon of chia seeds , ¼ cup of coconut water , 2 teaspoons of honey , 2 teaspoons of cinnamon

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6. Fast and healthy Smoothie (improves vision and has anti-wrinkle effect):
Ingredients: 1/3 of clean and raw red beets , an apple , 3 carrots , one tablespoon of lemon juice

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7. Smoothie with avocado (strengthens the nervous system and prevents cardiovascular diseases):
Ingredients: a banana, one half mango, one half avocado, one teaspoon of berries

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