Hi there, it's been long since I've written any article. Anyway, summer is here, and we all are set up to take out our favorite tank tops and denim shorts. But, well not everyone can dive into the fun of dressing like that. So for all those ladies, who don't want to show off much skin, here is a list of attire you should own to look hot and sexy :

1. For tops you can have turtle neck tees, they look fabulous and can be paired with anything you may like

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2. Pair up your strappy tops , deep neck tank tops with denim shirts and jackets, and you will look like a fashionista

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3. Stockings to the rescue, best part about them is they give a sheer coverage and looks adorable with skirts and shorts, and underneath ripped jeans. You will have a variety to choose from.

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4. Having a rough time to deal with crop tops or skin tights tops ? Worry not, just switch to comfy and breathable loose tees and look great with comfort Or just stock up high waist jeans that will not only highlight your curves but also cover up your skin

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5. Mini Skirts? Don't want to flaunt those mini skirts...could be possible you are in no mood to shave or wax, or you just don't feel comfortable, .whatever the reason may be, you can always count on beautiful maxi gowns and long skirts

Image by Majoo Santana
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Thank you :)

simona yagami
simona yagami
Simona Yagami