Hello everyone, I thought this would be a great second article, haha. I love traveling, I loove cities. I'm in love with cities that I have never been* I think this is a great way to explore some new places so tag yourself in this challenge, too! #mynameincities

My name is YAĞMUR , it means Rain in Turkish.
Fact: These cities are all capitals except for New York, which was a capital so it kinda counts right?

Y-ork/ New York (U.S.A)

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Oh my. Where should I start? I love love lovee this city. I t has always been my first destination in mind If I ever went to America. I would listen my friends talk about it, feeling dreamy. I watched so many programmes/series that is in New York. I went to Empire State building with HIMYM, I wandered in streets with vlogs, and I was magnified with Times Square in news! I would really like to visit it in the future. Really.

A-nkara (TURKEY)

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Hey I actually live in this city! I study in İstanbul but my home is in Ankara. It is nice city but often connected with coldness and discipline because the head of the government and the council is located there. You couldn't see much people in the streets after 11 p.m. Most of the people are government officer blah blah. Wait, here is actually life in this city! There is quite a population of teens here especially in Kızılay(one of the most popular places) Every one in 3 people has coloured hair, music in the streets, lots of cafés and such. But it can not even be compared to magnificent İstanbul, of course.

G-uatemala City (GUATEMALA)

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I don't know much about this city rather than it looks beautiful so let me give you some info that I looked up. Appearently it's the biggest city in Central America. The country was founded in 1776 when the earthquakes literally destroyed Antigua Guatemala (more like antique guatemala, haha -ok i'll stop-) The capital was actually Quezaltenango but then it was destroyed by another earthquake in 1902, and everyone moved to Guatemala City and it became the capital. The city is also center of culture, education, finance and such. Some of the landmarks are; The Cathedral, Olympic City, Minerva Park. Wow now that I read many information about it I would say it's worth going to, hopefully I won't be experiencing violent earthquakes and volcano eruptions if I ever go. What do you think?


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Um, do we have to say anything over this beauty? Sand, sun, sea.I. Love. It. I will tell a fact I know tho. As you know it's one of the top places for honeymoon but it is actually forbidden to drink alcohol there. It is a Muslim country. It is just beautiful, sorry I've already said that. Next!

U-laanbaatar (MONGOLIA)

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We all recognize Mongolia from its giant meadows, nomad cute people, lots of animals, many mountains but I guess Ulaanbaatar is not quite in that region. It is sad, I think. I would prefer meadows to skyscrapers at any time.

R-eykjavik (ICELAND)

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We all know it's famous for it's hot ground water for spa treatment. Thanks to the video of this girl all over in instagram. Other than it's a cute city full of natural beauties and snow! I would go there 100%

Yes, that's pretty much it. Nice to meet you again. Do you remember me, my name is Yağmur. Can I ask yours?