day three: write something that someone told you about yourself that you never forgot

"you're the reason i'm not dead"
he said that i was the reason he wasn't dead
that i lifted him up and made him feel love
through a screen at least...
we never met in person- we talked only through a game
he said it was real; and so it was real, i poured my heart, my feelings, my soul.
into something he would eventually leave
my heart left broken on my sleeve.
i got sick.
just cried.
nearly wanted to die- those words... never left my brain.
his words never left my brain.
i counted the months he was gone, i wrote letters, drew pictures, sang songs.
of missing this guy.
who made me cry- he didn't care
at all.
"you're the reason i'm not dead"
well you're the reason i wanted to die.
now i like someone new
a year passed, and my heart blooms when i see him- this new boy gave me some news.
said he would be possibly moving away soon...
my heart started to crack.
it kind of took me back, to a time when i gave so much to the old boy and he left me- he left me to.
the new boy says if he ever does move he will stay in contact- well what do i have to loose? i tell myself "why don't you take the leap ask him to be yours" well my heart broken because of the old boy is proof.
of why i'm scared.
of love...?
liking someone else.
because i wasn't really the thing keeping him alive.