Hello back! I’m estelle, just reminding and presenting if you’re new. ( you can go and read the other 4 articles if you’d like too). So today it’s going to be my morning routing..

I generally wake up at 9pm. I light up my little light set and take about 10min to really wake up. I go a quick check up on social media’s..

room, bedroom, and home image

Finally I open my windows and go to the kitchen. I prepare myself a tea and some fruits with an orange juice. I generally go and put myself on the outside table with my blanket.

breakfast image

Put a little bit of music. My mother lives around 11am ( she works by night ) after saying hello to me, she goes back to get some rest. So I often go out with the dog for a half an hour. As I get home, I’ll go to the shower. Once it’s done, I make up myself to go out with friends or I get comfortable on the sofa or on my bed to do some work.

That’s all for today! Hope you liked it!

See ya, Stel.