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Yay, already eight days answering the question. From now on, I don't want to apologize again about how not good my writing and maybe a bad grammar is my charm. It's not mean that I will stop learning too. I hope you found this entertain to read and if one of you are have not read my previous article answering a day seven question, don't need to worry, here's the link about the article:

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What are five passions you have?

  • W R I T I N G

I do really love to writing. I love make up a stories since I was a kid and also wrote a diary every night on my journal. I found it really enjoyable to do, so i make it as for my hobby and passion. I told you before that I was giving up on writing before, and with trying to writing an article everyday it's makes me like found a new hope, Thank you WHI for make this such brilliant platform, love you!

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Talked about writing so many times. If you want to know more, the link is in the end below, keep reading!
  • R E A D I N G

I got an inspiration for making up stories of course from reading a lot of books. My first passion actually is reading, I really can't stop when it comes to reading. I would be like Belle who really don't know about her surrounding when I was really into a book. Before I was into a novel or a book that have so many words in it, I really enjoy to read a graphic book, so I can see the image of what the story about and getting more clear. Since then, I becomes a bookworms, who can't live without a books.

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  • C U L I N A R Y

I'm a foodies who is really love to eat, talking and take a picture of foods. I have so many favorite food that maybe make this article will be super long if I just make a list of it. The funny fact is since I was born until a 17 years old girl, I'm super picky when it comes to the food to eat. Even I always ask my mom to eat outside and then she will mad at me. Later, I'm moving out to another city who really famous that have so many good foods, really have tons of culinary tours. I almost taste every culinary spot, even until know there's still so many new restaurant coming out. It's like never ending culinary heaven in the earth. I was hate fish back then, and just because I ate so many chicken in here makes me get sick of it. But now, I found fish is really good. As of when I writing this I think it's really weird why I can changed so quickly like that. So now I really enjoy eating any kind yummy foods and it's makes me happy.

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  • M O V I E S / V I D E O S

It is really odds that you really enjoy spending so many hours watching movies and videos on Youtube?. It's now like a hobby you really passion about, a binge watching TV shows or good videos on Youtube and also an Anime. Then a movie marathon on streaming online, or even in cinema. Last month I watched same movie on theater for third times, and there is still tons of list what movie I should watch later. Back then I just love watched Action, hero, fantasy movies. But now I love watched any kind genre movie as long as it is feels good and entertaining.

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  • A R C H E R Y / T R A V E L

Actually, I really tried to make this point to be a realistic, but I can't. So I make it to be a two types, it is an Archery and Travel.

1). Archery

This is a realistic answer one of the question about the passion that I have. I do an Archery right now even I'm still new at this, and I have been taking the classes about 3 month ago. I found this sport really quite helpful for my mental state. I know its sounds ridiculous but its true. Archery is help you to be focus and even its release an angry thought that you got on your mind. It’s makes you calm and relaxing. It would be a little bit sore on your hand and shoulder muscle, but I found its really enjoyable to do. For me who have lack on focus, I found do an archery quite helpful to me. I don't often came to practice, but i still tried my best to keep commitment to coming back and kinda have a interest to be a professional athlete of archery. Wish me luck!

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2). Travel

My biggest dream is want to traveling around the world. I really do love traveling, but I hate just do it alone by myself. I have taken on vacation abroad twice and I find that completely exiting and addicting. I'm a student who always broke all the time because i throw away my money on foods, so I can't traveling without saving a lot of money. I just can traveling to a city it's near my place in my spare time. I don't mind to accompany my parents to traveling another city on holiday. If there a friends asking me to traveling with them, I thought it will be nice, even not most all its actually happening. Later, we were just really busy on studying. So if I do have my own money and have a spare time, i do love to traveling a lot. Even just discovering my own country or even traveling outside my country.

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