Found this opportunity to let everyone knows what I think, prove me wrong if you want, but I consider this things are the ones we, as society needs to change to be a better world, city, country, place...

Having empathy with others

Will make us "put in" their shoes. Trying to understand their behavior infront of others and try to make them see if they are acting wrong. All in a good way. I think changing our way of seeing the ones around us will make us improve our empathy with them and stop the judgment or arguing with others because of a little thing, and will allow us to see the real person in front of us.

Express yourself without fear

Being the real you is as much important as breathing, don't let you down by showing someone you are not. Don't let others bring you down if you want to try something.
In life, you will cross paths with lovely and amazing people, but you also going to found others that may want to take you down a little (as I said before you have to make an effort and understand them without judging), so for avoid this kind of situations, my advice is to try or at least let them know why you want to do it or try it. And if they unsderstand you or don't it's completly fine. But the most important is that you have to do what you consider will make you feel good.

"Dont act like they want you to, act the way you truly are and be yourself all the time"

Let equality take the world

With all the thing that are happening in the world right now, I think society needs a change of mind. Wars, shootings, terrorism, accidents, fires, earthquakes, hurricanes, social's changes, etc, etc,...
The world is almost crashing down in front of ur, some people don't want to see it yet, but if we continue the way we are going, this is just getting worse. Apart from that, there are so many communities and associations, and people that still believe in us and wants us to speak loud for the change we want, baby step can make us great! Don't forget that. Equality will make this world a better place for everyone, because we all deserve the same conditions, health, life, homes, childrens, love... It doesn't matter where you are from, what you did in your past or who you want to love, CHANGE is a positive vibe everyone is available to take.


Its the last thing you lose, keeps alive the chance to be better and being in a better world. Allows you to keep trying a little harder this time, to not give up on something or someone. Remains the feel of joy and happiness when you accomplished your goal. Do not ever lose it, please.

Express love

Smile, help someone cross the street, give a hug, share your music, even the most little thing can make your day better, and the other one too, don't forbid yourself to help other person. Express and share love, and the universe will give it you back.

If you are reading this thank you I know is a long article, but I needed to express some of the things. There are so many more things to say, and I will. Lots of love for you if you think the same way, and if you don't i will say thanks too.

Let LOVE, CARING, EMPATHY, EQUALITY and HOPE rule the world.

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