I've thought about an idea of making ,,this or that'' challenge through which we can make the perfect guy we'd like one day to date or marry. Dunno how it'll turn out, but if you like it, please, feel free to write your own article based on those questions written below.
Enjoy! :) ♥~

Adventurist or reliable?

christmas couple
Reliable. Someone who'd catch me every time I fall.

Dad material or a career-chaser?

baby baby baby baby
Dad material. I'd like to one day marry someone who share my dream of having a big, harmonious, family.

Dog or cat person?

bed back animal beard
As someone who can't stand cats, I probably wouldn't get along with a cat person. So, dog person is my kind of a person. :D

Rich in money or rich in mind and soul?

asian boy
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Rich in mind and soul. Yeah, having money is great, but money can always be spend and later you're left with nothing. On the other hand, having someone who's rich in mind and soul beside you, means you'll always have interesting topic to talk about, you'll be willing to take a risk, travel, try different things. And that kind of attitude towards life cannot be bought by any kind of money this world offers.

Religious or non-religious?

couple beach
Non-religious. I, myself, am not religious, so it would be pretty tricky to have a religious boyfriend, no matter what religion he would be.

European, Asian, American, Afro-American, Aussie, Arab or African looking?

kpop body Superthumb corey taylor
All of them are beautiful and it's hard to choose, but if I could choose, I'd probably go with Aussie, Asian or European looking, simply because I grew up surrounded by them.

Smiling with his mouth or eyes?

man book
Smiling with his eyes. I love intelligent eyes and look they can give.

Full or thin lips?

aesthetic aesthetic
When I was younger I used to like thin lips, but nowadays I'm more into full lips. So, both I guess?

Sarcastic and witty or romantic and sensitive?

boy damon
Sarcastic and witty.

Beard or no beard?

Superthumb boyfriend

Funny or serious?

gif, v, and bts image
Funny one.

Tall or shortie?

exo Harry Styles
Tall, simply because I'm pretty tall too (177cm).

Strong jaw or weak jaw?

black and white boy
Strong, manly jaw line.

Blue, green, hazel or brown eyes?

beach beard
Green eyes. Dunno why, but ever since I've started feeling attracted to guys, I've been shipping guys with green eyes.

Smart or hard-working?

Hot Superthumb boy Superthumb
I prefer hard-working over smart guys. Of course it's handy having a boyfriend with brain, but just because he's smart doesn't necessarily means that he'd work his ass off. Hard-working guys on the other hand, even if they're maybe not smart, they'll give everything they have to get work done.

Boy in soul or manly and serious?

couple abs
Even though I'd like to have manly and serious guy by my side, my soul craves for a spontaneous and silly guy with whom I'd always have fun and good times.

Short, medium or long hair?

aaron johnson boy
Medium. I think it would be funny to date guy who happens to have a little bit longer hair than me (since I have short hair). :D

What colour should his hair be?

boy boy
Light or dark brown.

Any freckles?

boy boy Superthumb aesthetic
YES PLEASE! The more the better. ♥

Long fingers or wide palms?

boy boy
Long fingers.

Perfect smile or a little bit crooked teeth?

abs jin
Hard to choose. There are some pretty charming crooked teeth. But, on the other hand, perfect smile is worth gold.

Popping-out wains or no visible wains on arms?

arms aesthetic
Popping-out wains. I've been in love with them ever since I know for myself.

Wearing shirts or t-shirts most of the time?

Superthumb Jamie Dornan
Shirts, I'm more into guys that dress neat than those who don't.

Muscular or normal looking?

boy couple
Normal to more muscular. I'd like to my guy have a little tummy, I find it very cute and attractive. But he'd have to have strong arms and legs, not too defined or anything, just to be strong.

Wide shoulders or six pack?

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Wide shoulders. I would like someone with wide shoulders so when he hugs me, I could feel as I'm protected from the whole world.

Loves to dance or to cook?

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couple boy
Both. Who could ever choose one over the other? :D

Loves playing video-games or outdoor sports?

couple Basketball
Outdoor sports. I love playing football, basketball and volleyball, so it would be great if we could play it together from time to time with our friends.

Wears watch or ring?

classy boy

Loves taking you out to have dinner in some restaurant or taking you for a walk?

boy autumn love christmas
Taking a walk around the city. No matter what kind of weather is or what time of day it is, we would walk around and explore unseen.

Sweet tooth or crazy about salty food?

Superthumb Superthumb
Sweet tooth. So I could have an excuse to make and bake cupcakes and all kind of sweets all the time.

Tattoos or no-tattoos?

boy beard
Tattoos all the way.

Hope you enjoyed reading it, and that you'd like to write one yourself too. :) ♥~

Much love,

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