Hey, lovelies! I'm back again with anotha one. Oof. I apologize for that one haha.
This is basically just a list of all my favorite,singers, bands, etc. Maybe you can find a new favorite, too. Enjoy <3

1. Panic! At The Disco

brendon urie and panic! at the disco image panic! at the disco, dallon weekes, and idk how but they found me image panic! at the disco and ryan ross image Image by Wild Child

2. Troye Sivan

troye sivan image troye sivan image blond hair, boy, and gay image troye sivan, troye, and singer image

3. Fall Out Boy

album, FOB, and live image album, drummer, and era image fall out boy image album, emo, and fall out boy image

4. Selena Gomez

Image by . selena gomez image selena gomez, selena, and revival tour image brown eyes, brunette, and concert image

5. Alessia Cara

alessia cara and grammys 2018 image Temporarily removed music, singer, and song image alessia cara image

6. Ariana Grande

ariana image ariana grande image ariana and grande image ariana grande image

That's all, for now. I hope you all enjoyed and maybe you can find some new music from these artists. <3