Hi! This is kinda a continuation of my 'me in pictures' article.

summer or winter

summer, beach, and sea image aesthetic, nsfw, and summer image
Summer all the way

cats or dogs

Image by a n g h e l l i c cat, book, and animal image
I love dogs, but I love cats more

tea or coffee

tea and aesthetic image tea, coffee, and drink image
Tea, but I won't say no to coffee

sunsets or sunrises

city, buildings, and street image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

black or white

fashion, whithefuture, and inspiration image fashion, black, and jeans image

books or movies

book and onlybooks image book, aesthetic, and vintage image

dresses or skirts

fashion, girl, and outfit image autumn, girl, and outfit image

pancakes or crepes

food, strawberry, and chocolate image Image by Mariana Nicolle Blondet Cornejo

bath or shower

bathroom, white, and shower image room house, photo hot cool, and girls classy luxury image

heels or trainers

shoes, fashion, and pink image adidas, shoes, and superstar image

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