Hi guys, it's Jordan! Today I felt like making a new series to my articles page called "Let's Chat" where I discuss events, people, things, etc. It's sort of a place for me to say my opinion on things. Today, I am going to be discussing studyblr. So, first off, what is a studyblr?

What's studyblr?

Studyblr is what you would call a tumblr page dedicated to posting about studying and school. I know it sounds weird, like who would want to do that, but believe me, that community is huge! Some of the pictures they post look something like this:

college, motivation, and school image Temporarily removed

Now, study accounts aren't just on tumblr, they're on YouTube, Instagram, and more!

Why study accounts are good

Study accounts have many positive aspects. People who see the pictures the community posts might get inspired to study or to try harder in school. Also, study accounts may not only post pictures. On tumblr, many study accounts post masterposts, things that help you with school subjects and more. All of this can be extremely helpful to many people, such as myself. When I don't want to do homework, I look at study pictures and I feel so motivated. Also, being a study account benefits the person behind the study account. They will feel motivated to work hard so they can get content out for their followers. I think using the study community is a great way to get motivated and become a better student.

Why study accounts are bad

Okay, this is what really annoys me about study accounts. They make it seem like they get straight A's and get A's on every test. They pretty much make themselves seem perfect. Now I know this isn't all study accounts, but I just really don't like the fact that people will spend HOURS trying to make their notes pretty and make their bullet journal look "presentable" and then complain when they stay up till 4 in the morning. If you don't know what I'm talking about, here:

bullet journal, motivation, and cute image bullet, notes, and planner image calligraphy, daily, and doodles image Q, bullet journals, and school image

And while I completely understand that some people enjoy being extra, I just don't get it. Like, why would you spend two hours or more making a bullet journal look fancy when you could literally just make a to-do list on a sheet of paper. And the most annoying thing about the studyblr community is that they make all of it seem possible. They put lies into people's heads that you can make a fancy bullet journal, study, make fancy notes, and live a happy and healthy life. It's all fake, it's not true. I'm in tenth grade, and I get around six hours of studying / homework a night. Do you think I have time to update my fancy bullet journal, study, rewrite all of my notes, and then do actual homework assignments? No way! Some of the people on YouTube I've watched are in, like, five clubs, do sports, and still make it seem like they have time for everything. And maybe some people do have time for everything, but very few people do.

So that's my opinion on the study community :) I hope you all liked this article, it'll be a new thing that I do :)
- Jordan xoxo